Do you need professional help to locate missing heirs?

Today, a growing number of people have their origins in another country. It can be difficult to trace relatives of the deceased if their family tree has roots all over the world. A beneficiary’s whereabouts or family situation may be unknown. Perhaps you don´t even know whether any potential heirs exist.

 Genealogists and probate researchers have an extensive knowledge about sources, sources that vary greatly from country to country. That is why we always engage local expertise who has the knowledge and the access to relevant material and archives. With accuracy and diligence, they locate people and evidentiary documents. But each situation is unique, and the research methods have to be adjusted to meet a situation that often is complex.

 We sometimes obtain an initial result fairly quickly, perhaps even within a week. Other times it takes weeks or months to complete the searches. It all depends on where the research is to be conducted, and the information we have at hand to start with. Time might be needed to order documents and visit archives, and sometimes the investigation includes several countries which adds complexity.

 We find those we are looking for. If not, we can inform you why they are not to be found; perhaps an archive has been destroyed by fire or war.

 All projects are bespoke, made to fit the situation at hand. Reach out to us for a quote and for more information about how we can assist.